Follow me to install Panto on usb!


note:For this tutorial you will need a usb over 24 gigabytes or a DVD 8 gigabyte.



if you are using ubuntu open a terminal and type:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cybersec/panto-packages

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install pantostick

  1. Open the application usb stick formatter and format your usb to fat32 .
  2. Now  open usb image writter select your iso ,select your usb and hit write.
  3. Change the boot order to boot with your usb.
  4. Reboot to boot your usb.

if you are using debian folllow the same tutorial!



To install Panto from windows installation  follow me:

  1. install Rufus
  2. open it go towards the bottom right of the app and select the little disc icon,select your iso… right beside the little disc icon to the left is a selection button make sure you choose DD Image.
  3. Burn  your DVD.
  4. Reboot to boot to your usb/dvd.                                                                                                           tutorial by Devinski S Inquest (Cyber sec Developer)


or  use Win32 Disk Imager.

  1. Download Win32 Disk Imager.
  2. Open the application and select your iso.
  3. Select your usb and  install panto on usb.
  4. Change the boot order to
  5. Reboot to boot to your usb.


Or just buy a dvd 8 gigs and follow this tutorial:

  1.  you  will need a   DVD  over 9 GB
  2. 2.Burn your iso  to DVD  to  a  speed  of 3x or 4x .
  3. Change the boot order to cdrom
  4. Reboot to boot to your dvd.




Only for Panto Full version

If you have downloaded Panto Linux Full version you get with your iso a tar file

called Cyber-sec.tar.gz  to install  the tools  you need first to install Panto Linux  then  install the tar file  by extracting  the content to /opt/

to do that just open a terminal locate the tar file and execute this command :

tar zxf Cyber-Sec.tar.gz -C /opt/Cyber-sec


Panto linux default username and password!

Default username for  panto: root

Default password for  panto: panto


Errors and Fixes

This distribution is a over 20 gigabytes operating system and   it needs  more ram then  usual!

If you get this error durring the boot Error booting USB: not enough memory to load specified image

try to install panto with different ways on  usb  , one way  is to give it some space  with persistence another way  is to use the DVD installation.

If all options failed for you , then disconnect any usb you have connected during the boot and reconnect it if you are within panto linux!



After the installation  fixes!

If for some reason you install your panto linux  os  and you login and see somethink like this:


a empty desktop with no wallpaper no windows manager to close windows no  nothing don’t panic,

this is a promplem from the tool we have used to remaster the

Panto linux os. Here is the fix  open your menu>panto>panto-extras>panto-fixes>compiz

and run it to fix first compiz then  just right clik on your desktop  and select desktop locate the folder /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops

open it and tada there it is you have the official panto hd wallpapers!


Good luck!!Enjoy your new distribution!

Black Hat Sec
Author: Black Hat Sec


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