Create Password Stealer using VB Visual


Hello, in this tutorial you will learn how to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual that send the passwords of the victim to your email.

The recovery files + code.txt (which include the code written bellow) + the visual basic project.



1) A account (their stmp is open and available for 3rd party apps)

2) Basic knowledge in vb.

3) Visual Studio 2008 or more (there is a free version however I will be using the ultimate version of 2013)

4) Nirsoft password recovery bins

5) A victim.


We are going to create an exe file when opened it extracts 4 application which recover saved password on famous web browsers (chrome, Firefox ..Etc.) then launches them in command line mode , they will export the saved password into a text file which will be read by our app then sent to us by email.

We are using because it is a very easy programming language and it is common in malicious software.

Step by Step How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual

1) Open visual studio and create a new project like this

How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual

2) You will get something like this , it is called the designer here you choose how your app looks like, but for our app we want it to be silent and not visible.

How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual

3) Right click on this form and click “View Code <>”

You will get something like this, this is where we put out code.

How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual

This is called an event handler, whatever code you put between this and “End Sub” will be executed when the program first opens (before it appears).

4) Now we need to add the nirsoft password recovery programs to our resources so on your right you need to click on the solution explorer

How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual

Then you need to click on My Project, this should appear

How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual

Click on resources -> add resource -> add existing file..

A dialog will appear choose the 4 files you downloaded (1.exe , 2.exe , 3.exe ,3.exe)

5) Now go back to the coding section and write this code (explained in the green text)

How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual

6) Now we need to click Ctrl – Shift – B to build our exe (it should show where it saved the exe like in the picture)

How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual

That is it you have created your own saved password stealer, on launch it will send you the password like this

How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual

How to Create Password Stealer using VB Visual


You should not open any random exe files unless you are sure it is safe , a tip would be scanning it on virus total or similar sites , what I personally do is open said programs in Sandboxi

Notes: if you are having problems building the project turn off your anti-virus.

Written by: Saeed Suleiman

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  • Dibakar Saha

    what is the password for the zip files

    • x

      123321123321 it’s shown in the rar file…

  • Katerina Barnes

    Please give me the password of the zip files

    • x

      123321123321 it’s shown in the rar file

      • Katerina Barnes

        Than you very much

      • Katerina Barnes

        Hello pls help me once more, after building the stealer it did not show where the exe was saved, where can i find it

  • Katerina Barnes

    Hello pls help me once more, after building the stealer it did not show where the exe was saved, where can i find it?

  • Kashyap Kumar Challapalli

    i am getting an error of

    Error 2 ‘Close’ is not a member of ‘Educational_Stealer.Form1.Form1’. C:UsersKASHYAPDocumentsVisual Studio 2008ProjectsEducational StealerEducational StealerForm1.vb 59 13 Educational Stealer

    Error 1 Event ‘Load’ cannot be found. C:UsersKASHYAPDocumentsVisual Studio 2008ProjectsEducational StealerEducational StealerForm1.vb 11 93 Educational Stealer

    what should i do now??

  • Katerina Barnes

    Hi every one, i think the below message means that i succeeded building the file, but i can not locate where the file is saved, i am using Visual Studio 2015.

    Somebody help me! where can i locate the file?

    —— Build started: Project: here, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ——

    here -> c:userslabdocumentsvisual studio 2015ProjectshereherebinDebughere.exe

    ========== Build: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

  • Adolebitque

    I cannot access the download, it says ‘Email not found or haven”t verified, please Sign Up your Email below’ even though I do have my email subscribed to this website. Could someone help please?

    • Anonymous guy

      same here :C

  • alexander bjarki

    how do i find the “exe” files, i cant find them?

    • Adolebitque

      They ought to be inside the file you downloaded from above. If they aren’t I recommend you re-download the bins.

      • alexander bjarki

        do you know the name of the files i have so many files that i cant see what file it is

  • Adolebitque

    Don’t know if anyone can help, everything in mine appears to be working well however the program seems to have an issue with creating the text files, as the email that is sent is blank.

  • Sara Helen

    Need need a discreet hacker? No time wasters, I can touch for


    after pasting the code in the code section what to do??

  • Latonya Hill

    I can’t download nothing

  • Mogho Pa

    The Only Thing I get in my Mail Is




    whats wrong with that ?

    • mike



      • maticz

        Same here What’s wrong?

        • Janny Pottery

          Anti virus

    • Suhail Khan

      plz make some changes in coding wherin the souce has the txt exe

      thefore u ve to choose the location for ur downloads password

  • loghen

    hi,can anyone help me.I can’t download the file.

    it keep asking me to subscribe but i subscribe and verified already

  • hack king

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  • James Alwin

    I cant download nothing from here, any help, could someone send me the code?

  • Daniel Adams

    I cannot access the download

  • Shahab Gul

    Hello sir .. after building it visual studio 2008 says build suceed but I cannot find exe file any where plz help me…

  • genuine

    can’t download it, can someone give me the link for downloading it I would appreciated subscription wont work

  • Drew


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  • Rob

    I can’t download the file, I’ve already subscribed it with 2 emails, 2 days have passed and it still says the email can’t be found…

    • BuHy

      You are no alone, the same think happened to me.

  • Majhul Tifl

    i am not receiving any mail. plz help

  • Thuglifemich

    I cannot upload it on gmail, hotmail, mail, facebook because it says it’s ‘a virus’… How can I fix this? Thanks

    • Mike

      same applies to me” Please House what is the possible solution for this? How can it be fixed?

  • OniiChan

    can’t see those codes :v

  • Hafiz kage

    I’m already subscribed and verified my email but when I want download it’s say your email not found. Can your send another link to

  • Nghi LE

    I’m already subscribed as well but it’s not found

  • Emillo

    I cant make it in Microsoft Visual Studio Im just getteing a lot of erros when im ctrl+shift b

    Wgat to do ?

  • K_S373N

    Regards Everyone.

    I dont understand this statement can anyone help me with this pls!

  • K_S373N

    Regards Everyone.

    I dont understand this statement can anyone help me with this pls!

    • Suhail Khan

      hey bro whats the password i shuld enter in winzip to get files extacted

  • Maya Fields

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  • saurav

    i m not able to download any file.

  • PB

    What actually is doing the four exe’s? It seems more transparent if we could compile also that executables.

  • Praveen Yadav

    hi admin nice tutorial.

    can you guide me, How to Encrypt Python Exploit?

    i want to encrypt python exploit (CVE-2015-1641) build with python script., So It Can Be FUD. can you done it or have some knowledge? veil easion can do it? or its only for metasploit exploits?

    any other tool that encrypt this exploit?


  • Suhail Khan

    Hey there, i am not able to unzip the files its asking for a type of passwords. The first unzipping was easy but the sub winzips required a password which need to be decrypted. plz help me widd it else can u tell me how to decrypt the winzzip or winrar files which have passwords i them’

  • Bajan Mirciu

    yo, I cannot download the files, after signing up it still says the email cannot be found..any help?

  • Unknown

    Hey, I’m having issue with this software… Once I published the exe file ad that I ran it, I got “critical error runtime at 0x009bb (Threat_start) Dll not responding to hook” dies anyone nows how to do?

    • Unknown

      While I’m not receiving any emails…

  • Jomer

    Not Working…

    Just Sending Like This




  • Shadow Walker

    i cant download the files

  • Jasmin Döring

    Every time i get this , what can i do??

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