Month: May 2016


Earn Bitcoins just by surfing Online !

Use CryptoTab as your default browser to maximize your revenue Mining speed increases when your browser is active. Use CryptoTab browser for your everyday activities, visit your favorite sites, watch movies online, and take advantage of maximum mining power. Browser with built-in mining CryptoTab Browser includes built-in mining algorithm that allows using your computer resources more effectively than in extension format. It boosts your mining speed up to 8 times and increases BTC earnings. Enhance your browser with over 150 thousand extensions Set up…


Cerberus Linux v1 Subsystem for Windows 10!

Cerberus Linux subsystem is Linux to run on top windows! like the picture bellow^^^ Cerberus linux v1 tools and extras : 15 new Cerberus Frameworks : Metapackages , containers with custom scripts within! Exploits (to analyze): EARLYSHOVEL RedHat 7.0 – 7.1 Sendmail 8.11.x exploit EBBISLAND (EBBSHAVE) root RCE via RPC XDR overflow in Solaris 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 (possibly newer) both SPARC and x86. ECHOWRECKER remote Samba 3.0.x Linux exploit. EASYBEE appears to be an MDaemon email server vulnerability EASYFUN EasyFun 2.2.0 Exploit for WDaemon…


Black Window 10 v2

  Black Window Enterprise 10 Codename : Polemos Black Window 10 Enterprise is the first windows based penetration testing distribution with Linux integrated ! The system comes activated with a digital license for Windows enterprise! It supports windows apps and Linux apps, GUI and terminal apps! It comes with a tone off hacking tools plus all the tools that are included with the latest release of Cerberus Linux! It has managed to implement Cerberus os within windows. Offers the stability of a windows system…


Cerberus Linux v3

  Cerberus Linux v3  Cerberus is a penetration testing distribution focusing on automation and anonymity , it aims to have the best tools available on the hacking scene tools like Fuzzbunch, Dandespritz, Cobalt strike, Armitage, Metasploit framework and Metasploit community version set up and ready for use!! It includes custom scripts, custom themes, custom icons!Cerberus distribution is based on Debian testing, it has the capability to use 3 repositories to install packages from kali repo,Debian repo, and cyber sec repo! Cerberus is an Angry…


Metasploitable 2 enumeration

In this new Metasploit Hacking Tutorial we will be enumerating the Metasploitable 2 virtual machine to gather useful information for a vulnerability assessment. Enumeration in mathematics or computer science is referred to as listing a number of elements in a set. Enumeration in the hacking context is the process of retrieving usernames, shares, services, web directories, groups, computers on a network. This is also called network enumeration. During this process we will also collect other useful network related information for conducting a penetration test.…


How to create a new alias or a new script with Panto Linux!

Panto Linux offers  automation almost anywhere,watch me: Think that your want to create a new alias,follow me: open you terminal and type this: new-script a  alias will be activated and you will see somethink like this now what you have to do is to select a category that you think is the best for your alias ,in this case i want to create a alias with a fix on it for casper ,i will select fixes  function. after you have selected the category  the script…


How to install your custom grsecurity kernel on Panto Linux 4.2!

Those are the steps you need to follow to enable grsecurity on your Panto system: If you like prefer to install it with a package manager follow me: open synaptic and type on your search bar  grsec and hit enter mark all  the following: linux: linux-firmware-image-4.4.6-pantokernel-grsec-1_4.4.6-pantokernel-grsec-1_amd64 linux-headers-4.4.6-pantokernel-grsec-1_4.4.6-pantokernel-grsec-1_amd64 linux-image-4.4.6-pantokernel-grsec-1_4.4.6-pantokernel-grsec-1_amd64 linux-libc-dev_4.4.6-pantokernel-grsec-1_amd64  (this one some times is not visible on your manager,if this is the case just open thunar under /usr/local/grsec-kernels/ and you find all packages in form .deb) 3. install all of them  and  you are  ready…


How to hack a wifi router by cracking WPA/WPA2 using kali linux 2.0 -2016

There are many ways to hack a wifi router, some people use to bruteforce password directly some use WPS pin cracking with reaver etc. Most of the times WPS pin cracking succeed because the router is in its default pin and easy to crack. Here we are going to hack a WPS disabled router. We have most effective and simple toolkit for this purpose: Aircrack-ng. The whole process is not too hard but not too easy. This is a little bit complicated process but…


How to enable Panto Anonsurf or Anonymous mode!

  Panto Anonsurf Open Panto Linux  Anosurf  mode manager. Start the service by pressing start anonymous button. Click the firefox or Iceweasel button to surf anonymous! Anon mode Open you Panto linux menu select anonymity>anonmode start service A terminal will open and ask's  you some info , configure and  hit enter .