Month: January 2019

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Fierce – Semi-Lightweight Scanner That Helps Locate Non-Contiguous IP Space And Hostnames Against Specified Domains

Fierce is a semi-lightweight scanner that helps locate non-contiguous IP space and hostnames against specified domains.It's really meant as a pre-cursor to nmap, unicornscan, nessus, nikto, etc, since all of those require that you already know what IP space you are looking for.This does not perform exploitation and does not scan the whole internet indiscriminately. It is meant specifically to locate likely targets both inside and outside a corporate network.Because it uses DNS primarily you will often find mis-configured networks that leak internal address…

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Bolt – CSRF Scanning Suite

Bolt is in beta phase of development which means there can be bugs. Any production use of this tool discouraged. Pull requests and issues are welcome. I also suggest you to put this repo on watch if you are interested in it.WorkflowCrawlingBolt crawls the target website to the specified depth and stores all the HTML forms found in a database for further processing.EvaluatingIn this phase, Bolt finds out the tokens which aren't strong enough and the forms which aren't protected.ComparingThis phase focuses on detection…

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Pwndb – Search For Creadentials Leaked On Pwndb

A data leak differs from a data breach in that the former usually happens through omission or faulty practices rather than overt action, and may be so slight that it is never detected. While a data breach usually means that sensitive data has been harvested by someone who should not have accessed it, a data leak is a situation where such sensitive information might have been inadvertently exposed. pwndb is an onion service where leaked accounts are searchable using a simple form.After a breach…

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Pown Recon – A Powerful Target Reconnaissance Framework Powered By Graph Theory

Pown Recon is a target reconnaissance framework powered by graph theory. The benefit of using graph theory instead of flat table representation is that it is easier to find the relationships between different types of information which comes quite handy in many situations. Graph theory algorithms also help with diffing, searching, like finding the shortest path, and many more interesting tasks.QuickstartThis tool is meant to be used as part of Pown.js but it can be invoked separately as an independent tool.If installed globally as…

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Chafer used Remexi malware to spy on Iran-based foreign diplomatic entities

Executive Summary Throughout the autumn of 2018 we analyzed a long-standing (and still active at that time) cyber-espionage campaign that was primarily targeting foreign diplomatic entities based in Iran. The attackers were using an improved version of Remexi in what the victimology suggests might be a domestic cyber-espionage operation. This malware has previously been associated with an APT actor that Symantec calls Chafer. The malware can exfiltrate keystrokes, screenshots, browser-related data like cookies and history, decrypted when possible. The attackers rely heavily on Microsoft…

NEW TOOLSToolMAC AddressMac Address SpoofingUncle Spufus

Uncle Spufus – A Tool That Automates Mac Address Spoofing

A tool that automates Mac address spoofingWhat is Uncle SpufusUncle Spufus is a tool that automates MAC address spoofing. To do so it tries various techniques and checks if the MAC is successfully spoofed.It makes of:macchangerbashInstalling Uncle Spufus1a. Download the zip b. ExtractORClone the repositoryTHENNaviagate to uncle-spufus: cd uncle-spufusMake executable: chmod +x uspufus.shExecute: ./uspufus.shHave fun Download Uncle-Spufus

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CIRTKit – Tools For The Computer Incident Response Team

One DFIR console to rule them all. Built on top of the Viper FrameworkDocumentationPlease see the wiki for more information about CIRTKit and documentationRoadmapFuture integrationsBit9Palo Alto NetworksEnCase/FTKFuture modulesPacket Analysis (possibly Dshell)Javascript Unpacking/DeobfuscationVolatility Memory Analysis FrameworkHex Viewer/EditorScripting FrameworkAutomation is key. Scripting is key to DFIR, thus needs to be available in CIRTKitDownload CIRTKit

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ADAPT – Tool That Performs Automated Penetration Testing For WebApps

ADAPT is a tool that performs Automated Dynamic Application Penetration Testing for web applications. It is designed to increase accuracy, speed, and confidence in penetration testing efforts. ADAPT automatically tests for multiple industry standard OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, and outputs categorized findings based on these potential vulnerabilities. ADAPT also uses the functionality from OWASP ZAP to perform automated active and passive scans, and auto-spidering. Due to the flexible nature of the ADAPT tool, all of theses features and tests can be enabled or disabled…

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Sn0Int – Semi-automatic OSINT Framework And Package Manager

sn0int is a semi-automatic OSINT framework and package manager. It was built for IT security professionals and bug hunters to gather intelligence about a given target or about yourself. sn0int is enumerating attack surface by semi-automatically processing public information and mapping the results in a unified format for followup investigations.Among other things, sn0int is currently able to:Harvest subdomains from certificate transparency logsHarvest subdomains from various passive dns logsSift through subdomain results for publicly accessible websitesHarvest emails from pgp keyserversEnrich ip addresses with ASN and…