Month: September 2019

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Recomposer – Randomly Changes Win32/64 PE Files For ‘Safer’ Uploading To Malware And Sandbox Sites

Ever have that not so safe feeling uploading your malware binaries to VirusTotal or other AV sites because you can look up binaries by hashes? (Example: )Feel somewhat safer with Recomposer!*Recomposer will take your binary and randomly do the following:Change the file nameChange the section namesChange the section flagsInjection random number of five different types of nops into each available code cave over 20 bytes in lengthBy the way, your file will still execute, so upload away!*Supports win32/64 PE Files!!Two modes:Manual: Works like a…

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Vimeo Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Unconsented Storage Of Users’ Biometric Data

The popular video platform Vimeo is now in hot water for breaching users’ privacy. Vimeo faces a class-action lawsuit for Vimeo Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Unconsented Storage Of Users’ Biometric Data on Latest Hacking News.

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Researchers Highlight “Fleeceware” Android Apps That Aim to Overcharge Users

Once again, Google’s Play Store has made it into the news following the existence of apps that overcharge users for Researchers Highlight “Fleeceware” Android Apps That Aim to Overcharge Users on Latest Hacking News.

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Cyber security in NHS is about more than just prevention says experts

Recent research carried out by Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation has highlighted the NHS’s ongoing vulnerability to cyber-attacks. The study called for urgent steps to be taken in order to defend threats which could risk the safety of patients in the UK.  While the report, presented to the House of Lords, commended current measures across the health service, it stated that more investment was urgently required. Cyber Security Connect UK, the leading conference and industry forum for CISOs, has recognised the…

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Some Hackers just want to see the world burn

By Matthew Olney, content manager at XQ Cyber, and finalist in the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards With the new Joker movie hitting cinemas what better time to take a look at some of the most infamous incidents of hackers causing trouble just for the sake of it? Not all cyberattacks are financially motivated but can still inflict monetary losses or tarnish an organisation hard won reputation. Not all hackers are criminal masterminds out to get rich, many carry out hacks because to them…

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Why companies must start rehearsing their responses now to give them the best possible chance of mitigating cyberattacks when – and not if – they happen

By David Cook, Senior Associate – Privacy and Cyber Security Compliance and Litigation at Eversheds Sutherland, and finalist in the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards. It seems like barely a week goes by without a high-profile data breach being reported on the front pages of our newspapers. Hacking and cyberattacks appear to be becoming more commonplace and involving an ever-increasing range of wrongdoers: from vandals to nation states and terrorist groups. The risk around cyberattacks has been magnified by new data protection and financial…

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Ajax enhances online experience with Mitek

Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK, has today announced that Ajax Amsterdam, one of Europe’s premier football clubs, will be using Mitek’s Mobile Verify® with Face Comparison solution to improve online experience and bolster security for fans.  Putting fan enjoyment and safety at the heart of everything they do, Ajax is committed to verifying the identities of ticket buyers. The hurdles, complying with GDPR while maintaining paper copies of fans’ ID documents, was becoming an unachievable task.  The club recognised the need to optimise its online process,…

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BlackBerry Launches BlackBerry Advanced Technology Development Labs to Fuel New Cutting-Edge Security Technologies

BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today announced the creation of BlackBerry Advanced Technology Development Labs (BlackBerry Labs), a new business unit operating at the forefront of research and development in the cybersecurity space. Led by CTO Charles Eagan, BlackBerry Labs will include a team of over 120 software developers, architects, researchers, product leads and security experts, each working toward the common goal of identifying, exploring and creating new technologies to ensure BlackBerry is on the cutting edge of security innovation. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) alongside a dynamic threat landscape fosters a…