A golang utility to spider through a website searching for additional links with support for JavaScript rendering.

go get -u

  • Customizable Parallelism
  • Ability to Render JavaScript (including Single Page Applications such as Angular and React)

Usage of urlgrab:
-cache-dir string
Specify a directory to utilize caching. Works between sessions as well.
Extremely verbose debugging output. Useful mainly for development.
-delay int
Milliseconds to randomly apply as a delay between requests. (default 2000)
-depth int
The maximum limit on the recursion depth of visited URLs. (default 2)
If true the browser will be displayed while crawling.
Note: Requires render-js flag
Note: Usage to show browser: --headless=false (default true)
Strip the query portion of the URL before determining if we've visited it yet.
Scrape pages with invalid SSL certificates
-js-timeout int
The amount of seconds before a request to render javascript should timeout. (default 10)
-json string
The filename where we should store the output JSON file.
-max-body int
The limit of the retrieved response body in kilobytes.
0 means unlimited.
Supply this value in kilobytes. (i.e. 10 * 1024kb = 10MB) (default 10240)
Do not send HEAD requests prior to GET for pre-validation.
-output-all string
The directory where we should store the output files.
-proxy string
The SOCKS5 proxy to utilize (format: socks5:// OR
Supply multiple proxies by separating them with a comma.
Utilize a random user agent string.
Determines if we utilize a headless chrome instance to render javascript.
-root-domain string
The root domain we should match links against.
If not specified it will default to the host of --url.
Example: --root-domain
-threads int
The number of threads to utilize. (default 5)
-timeout int
The amount of seconds before a request should timeout. (default 10)
-url string
The URL where we should start crawling.
-urls string
A file path that contains a list of urls to supply as starting urls.
Requires --root-domain flag.
-user-agent string
A user agent such as (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:47.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/47.0).
Verbose output

Devin Stokes

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