GitLab Watchman – Audit Gitlab For Sensitive Data & Credentials

GitLab Watchman is an application that uses the GitLab API to audit GitLab for sensitive data and credentials exposed internally – this includes code, commits, wiki pages and more.

GitLab Watchman searches GitLab for internally shared projects and looks at:

  • Code
  • Commits
  • Wiki pages
  • Issues
  • Merge requests
  • Milestones

For the following data:

  • GCP keys and service account files
  • AWS keys
  • Azure keys and service account files
  • Google API keys
  • Slack API tokens & webhooks
  • Private keys (SSH, PGP, any other misc private key)
  • Exposed tokens (Bearer tokens, access tokens, client_secret etc.)
  • S3 config files
  • Passwords in plaintext
  • CICD variables exposed publicly
  • and more

Using GitLab Watchman to Audit Gitlab For Sensitive Data

GitLab Watchman will be installed as a global command, use as follows:

usage: gitlab-watchman [-h] --timeframe {d,w,m,a} --output
{file,stdout,stream} [--version] [--all] [--blobs]
[--commits] [--wiki-blobs] [--issues] [--merge-requests]
[--milestones] [--comments]

Monitoring GitLab for sensitive data shared publicly

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--version show program's version number and exit
--all Find everything
--blobs Search code blobs
--commits Search commits
--wiki-blobs Search wiki blobs
--issues Search issues
--merge-requests Search merge requests
--milestones Search milestones
--comments Search comments

required arguments:
--timeframe {d,w,m,a}
How far back to search: d = 24 hours w = 7 days, m =
30 days, a = all time
--output {file,stdout,stream}
Where to send results

You can run GitLab Watchman to look for everything, and output to default Stdout:

gitlab-watchman --timeframe a --all

Or arguments can be grouped together to search more granularly.

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