Microsoft has set an even date for June 24 and will most likely introduce the net iteration of Windows, supposedly called Windows 11. And we already have a pretty good look at what the major changes in the UI will look like, thanks to the leaked screenshots online.


The first thing to notice is the centered Start Menu and taskbar icons, looking similar to Apple’s macOS. There’s also a setting that moves the Start Menu and icons to the left where they’ve always been if you don’t really like the change.

The fly-out Start Menu makes an appearance and we’ve seen this solution in the Windows 10X iteration. In fact, quite a bit of design choices has translated from the unreleased Windows 10X to Windows 11. The so-called Live Tiles are replaced with more simplistic transparent icons.

In addition to these icons, the Start Menu has been generally simplified and also holds pinned apps, recent files, and quicker access to the restart and shut down buttons. The screenshots also suggest newly designed context menus with rounded corners. Even the Start Menu gets rounded corners.

A new snapping feature is also in the works as you can see from the short clip below.

Despite the substantial leak, we are pretty sure there’s a lot more to it than this so we would have to wait for Microsoft’s event to find out more.


Author: D4RkN


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