A simple multi-threaded distributed SSH brute-forcing tool written in Python.

How it Works

When the script is executed without the --proxies switch, it acts just like any other multi-threaded SSH brute-forcing scripts. When the --proxies switch is added, the script pulls a list (usually thousands) of SOCKS4 proxies from ProxyScrape and launch all brute-force attacks over the SOCKS4 proxies so brute-force attempts will be less likely to be rate-limited by the target host.


You can install OrbitalDump through pip.

pip install -U --user orbitaldump

Alternatively, you can clone this repository and run the source code directly.

git clone
cd orbitaldump
python -m orbitaldump


A simple usage is shown below. This command below:

  • -t 10: launch 10 brute-forcing threads
  • -u usernames.txt: read usernames from usernames.txt (one username per line)
  • -p passwords.txt: read passwords from passwords.txt (one password per line)
  • -h set brute-forcing target to
  • --proxies: launch attacks over proxies from ProxyScrape
python -m orbitaldump -t 10 -u usernames.txt -p passwords.txt -h --proxies

Full Usages

You can obtain the full usages by executing OrbitalDump with the --help switch. The section below might be out-of-date.

usage: orbitaldump [--help] [-t THREADS] [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSWORD] -h HOSTNAME [--port PORT] [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--proxies]

optional arguments:
--help show this help message and exit
-t THREADS, --threads THREADS
number of threads to use (default: 5)
-u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
username file path (default: None)
-p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
password file path (default: None)
-h HOSTNAME, --hostname HOSTNAME
target hostname (default: None)
--port PORT target port (default: 22)
--timeout TIMEOUT SSH timeout (default: 6)
--proxies use SOCKS proxies from ProxyScrape (default: False)

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