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Black Window 10 v2

  Black Window Enterprise 10 Codename : Polemos Black Window 10 Enterprise is the first windows based penetration testing distribution with Linux integrated ! The system comes activated with a digital license for Windows enterprise! It supports windows apps and Linux apps, GUI and terminal apps! It comes with a tone off hacking tools plus all the tools that are included with the latest release of Cerberus Linux! It has managed to implement Cerberus os within windows. Offers the stability of a windows system…

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Armor – Tool Designed To Create Encrypted macOS Payloads Capable Of Evading Antivirus Scanners

Armor is a simple Bash script designed to create encrypted macOS payloads capable of evading antivirus scanners. Below is an example gif of Armor being used with a simple Netcat payload.A Netcat listener is started on port 4444. The "payload.txt" file is read and shown to contain a simple Bash one-liner that, when executed, will create a TCP connection between the target MacBook at the attacker's Netcat listener. Armor is used to encrypt the bash one-liner. Ncat is used to host the decryption key…

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imR0T – Send A Message To Your Whatsapp Contact And Protect Your Text By Encrypting And Decrypting (ROT13)

imR0T: Send a quick message with simple text encryption to your whatsapp contact and protect your text by encrypting and decrypting, basically in ROT13 with new multi encryption based algorithm on ASCII and Symbols Substitution.How To UseIt's simple:# Clone this repositorygit clone Go into the repositorycd imR0T# Permission Acceschmod +x imR0T# Run the app./imR0TCommand Linehelp: A standard command displaying help.imR0T╺─╸[ cli ] > help | |_ Options:[arguments] help |:| show this message show |:| show all modules from this tools list style |:|…

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DVR-Exploiter – Bash Script Program Exploit The DVR’s Based On CVE-2018-9995

DVR-Exploiter[*] Exploit Title: DVR Credentials Exposed [*] Date: 09/04/2018[*] Exploit Author: Fernandez Ezequiel[*] DVR-Exploiter By: Belahsan Ouerghi [*] Contact:[*] Youtube Tutorial: [*] Dorks: intitle:"DVR Login" html:"/login.rsp" "Server: GNU rsp/1.1"tested in DVR :NovoCeNovaQSeePulnixXVR 5 in 1 (title: "XVR Login")Securus, - Security. Never Compromise !! - Night OWLDVR LoginHVR LoginMDVR LoginInstallation :$ git clone cd DVR-Exploiter$ ./DVR-Exploiter.sDetails[ After Running Choose The Host Example : 1 = {IP } , / 2 = ]Don't Forget To Install The Plugin Of The DVRScreenshotsDownload DVR-Exploiter

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4Nonimizer – A Tol For Anonymizing The Public IP Used To Browsing Internet, Managing The Connection To TOR Network And To Different VPNs Providers

It is a bash script for anonymizing the public IP used to browsing Internet, managing the connection to TOR network and to different VPNs providers (OpenVPN), whether free or paid. By default, it includes several pre-configured VPN connections to different peers (.ovpn files) and download the credentials (if the corresponding provider support it). Also, it records each used IP that we use every 300 seconds in log files.This script is enabled as a service in systemd systems and uses a default vpn (VPNBook) at…