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Fud 100% services packages ready for sales

We offer a monthly Crypter service to make your files undetectable encrypted! this is how it works: You zip the files you want to encrypt and send them to our email then we will encrypt and make your files/file fud 100% (undetectable by any antivirus) and send them back to your email! We offer 3 packages: Standard Prenium Ultimate All those packages offer some unique futures to encrypt your file!  


Black Window 10 v2

  Black Window Enterprise 10 Codename : Polemos Black Window 10 Enterprise is the first windows based penetration testing distribution with Linux integrated ! The system comes activated with a digital license for Windows enterprise! It supports windows apps and Linux apps, GUI and terminal apps! It comes with a tone off hacking tools plus all the tools that are included with the latest release of Cerberus Linux! It has managed to implement Cerberus os within windows. Offers the stability of a windows system…

AccuracyC++DebianNamelesNEW TOOLS

Nameles – Open Source Entropy Based Invalid Traffic Detection And Pre-Bid Filtering

Nameles provides an easy to deploy, scalable IVT detection and filtering solution that is proven to detect at a high level of accuracy ad fraud and other types of invalid traffic such as web scraping.For a high level overview you might want to check out the websiteIf you have any questions or need support, try the gitter channelGetting Startedwget +x setup && ./setupMore detailed information related with setup options is provided below.Detection Capability While absolute measurement of detection capability is impossible, Nameles is…


Cerberus Linux v3

  Cerberus Linux v3  Cerberus is a penetration testing distribution focusing on automation and anonymity , it aims to have the best tools available on the hacking scene tools like Fuzzbunch, Dandespritz, Cobalt strike, Armitage, Metasploit framework and Metasploit community version set up and ready for use!! It includes custom scripts, custom themes, custom icons!Cerberus distribution is based on Debian testing, it has the capability to use 3 repositories to install packages from kali repo,Debian repo, and cyber sec repo! Cerberus is an Angry…

AWSDebianGitGit-SecretsHookNEW TOOLSScanScripts

Git-Secrets – Prevents You From Committing Secrets And Credentials Into Git Repositories

Prevents you from committing passwords and other sensitive information to a git repository.Synopsisgit secrets --scan [-r|--recursive] [--cached] [--no-index] [--untracked] [<files>...]git secrets --scan-historygit secrets --install [-f|--force] [<target-directory>]git secrets --list [--global]git secrets --add [-a|--allowed] [-l|--literal] [--global] <pattern>git secrets --add-provider [--global] <command> [arguments...]git secrets --register-aws [--global]git secrets --aws-provider [<credentials-file>] Descriptiongit-secrets scans commits, commit messages, and --no-ff merges to prevent adding secrets into your git repositories. If a commit, commit message, or any commit in a --no-ff merge history matches one of your configured prohibited regular expression patterns,…

BroDebianDjangoIntrusion DetectionIntrusion Detection SystemManagement SystemNEW TOOLSNIDSProbeManager

ProbeManager – Centralize Management Of Intrusion Detection System Like Suricata, Bro, Ossec…

It is common to see that many IDS (intrusion and detection system), including the software and its rules are not updated regularly. This can be explained by the fact the software and rule management is often complicated, which can be a particular problem for small and medium sized enterprises that normally lack system security expertise and full time operators to supervise their respective IDS. This finding encouraged me to develop an application (ProbeManager) that will better manage network and machine detection probes on a…

AmsatC++DebianGNUGpredictGtk3Ham RadioMacNEW TOOLSSatelliteSatellite TrackingSpace

Gpredict – Satellite Tracking Application

Gpredict is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction application. It can track a large number of satellites and display their position and other data in lists, tables, maps, and polar plots (radar view). Gpredict can also predict the time of future passes for a satellite, and provide you with detailed information about each pass.Gpredict is different from other satellite tracking programs in that it allows you to group the satellites into visualisation modules. Each of these modules can be configured independently from the…

BitbucketDebianEmailsGitHubGitlabGitmailsGoHarvesterInformation GatheringMacNEW TOOLSPython3Version control

Gitmails – An Information Gathering Tool To Colect Git Commit Emails In Version Control Host Services

An information gathering tool to colect git commit emails in version control host services.OverviewGitmails explores that git commits contains a name and an email configured by the author and that version control host services are being used to store a lot of projects.What Gitmails does is:Query the version control host services for information about an organization, team, group, user or single repository;List all repositories (restricted by authentication) if not on single repository mode;Clone the repository or query the version control host service for the…

ARPCommand LineddosDebianGNUIGMPMacMac OS XNemesisNEW TOOLSPacket CraftingPacket GeneratorPacket InjectionTCP/IP

Nemesis – A Command-Line Network Packet Crafting And Injection Utility

The Nemesis Project is designed to be a command line based, portable human IP stack for UNIX-like and Windows systems. The suite is broken down by protocol, and should allow for useful scripting of injected packets from simple shell scripts.Key FeaturesARP/RARP, DNS, ETHERNET, ICMP, IGMP, IP, OSPF, RIP, TCP and UDP protocol supportLayer 2 or Layer 3 injection on UNIX-like systemsLayer 2 injection (only) on Windows systemsPacket payload from fileIP and TCP options from fileTested on OpenBSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows…

DebianFindFreeBSDMacNEW TOOLSROPRp++Toolx64x86

Rp++ – Tool That Aims To Find ROP Sequences In PE/Elf/Mach-O X86/X64 Binaries

rp++ is a full-cpp written tool that aims to find ROP sequences in PE/Elf/Mach-O (doesn't support the FAT binaries) x86/x64 binaries. It is open-source, documented with Doxygen (well, I'm trying to..) and has been tested on several OS: Debian / Windows 7 / FreeBSD / Mac OSX Lion (10.7.3). Moreover, it is x64 compatible. I almost forgot, it handles both Intel and AT&T syntax (beloved BeaEngine). By the way, the tool is a standalone executable.You can build very easily rp++ with CMake, it will…


Cerberus Linux TestDrive!

Cerberus Gnu Debian Linux Cerberus is a penetration testing distribution focusing on automation and anonymity , it aims to have the best tools available on the hacking scene tools like : Fuzzbunch,Dandespritz, Cobalt strike , Armitage , Metasploit framework and metasploit cummunity version set up and ready for use!!It includes custom scripts ,custom themes,custom icons !Cerberus distribution is based on debian testing ,it has the capability to use 3 repositories to install packages from kali repo,debian repo and cybersec repo! Cerberus is a Angry…