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Black Window 10 v2

  Black Window Enterprise 10 Codename : Polemos Black Window 10 Enterprise is the first windows based penetration testing distribution with Linux integrated ! The system comes activated with a digital license for Windows enterprise! It supports windows apps and Linux apps, GUI and terminal apps! It comes with a tone off hacking tools plus all the tools that are included with the latest release of Cerberus Linux! It has managed to implement Cerberus os within windows. Offers the stability of a windows system…

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Bscan – An Asynchronous Target Enumeration Tool

Synopsisbscan is a command-line utility to perform active information gathering and service enumeration. At its core, bscan asynchronously spawns processes of well-known scanning utilities, repurposing scan results into highlighted console output and a well-defined directory structure.Installationbscan was written to be run on Kali Linux, but there is nothing inherently preventing it from running on any OS with the appropriate tools installed.Download the latest packaged version from PyPI:pip install bscanOr get the bleeding-edge version from version control:pip install Usagebscan has a wide variety of…

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Sn1per v6.0 – Automated Pentest Framework For Offensive Security Experts

Sn1per Community Edition is an automated scanner that can be used during a penetration test to enumerate and scan for vulnerabilities. Sn1per Professional is Xero Security's premium reporting addon for Professional Penetration Testers, Bug Bounty Researchers and Corporate Security teams to manage large environments and pentest scopes.SN1PER PROFESSIONAL FEATURES:Professional reporting interfaceSlideshow for all gathered screenshotsSearchable and sortable DNS, IP and open port databaseCategorized host reportsQuick links to online recon tools and Google hacking queriesPersonalized notes field for each hostDEMO VIDEO:SN1PER COMMUNITY FEATURES: Automatically collects basic…

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WebMap – Nmap Web Dashboard And Reporting

A Web Dashbord for Nmap XML ReportUsageYou should use this with docker, just by sending this command:$ mkdir /tmp/webmap$ docker run -d \ --name webmap \ -h webmap \ -p 8000:8000 \ -v /tmp/webmap:/opt/xml \ rev3rse/webmap$ # now you can run Nmap and save the XML Report on /tmp/webmap$ nmap -sT -A -T4 -oX /tmp/webmap/myscan.xml point your browser to and Dirty$ curl -sL | bashUpgrade from previous release$ # stop running webmap container$ docker stop webmap$ # remove webmap container$ docker…

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Pentest-Machine – Automates Some Pentest Jobs Via Nmap Xml File

Automates some pentesting work via an nmap XML file. As soon as each command finishes it writes its output to the terminal and the files in output-by-service/ and output-by-host/. Runs fast-returning commands first. Please send me protocols/commands/options that you would like to see included.HTTPwhatwebWPScan (only if whatweb returns a WordPress result)EyeWitness with active login attemptslight dirb directory bruteforceDNSnmap NSE dns-zone-transfer and dns-recursionMySQLlight patator bruteforcePostgreSQLlight patator bruteforceMSSQLlight patator bruteforceSMTPnmap NSE smtp-enum-users and smtp-open-relaySNMPlight patador bruteforcesnmpcheck (if patador successfully finds a string)SMBenum4linux -anmap NSE smb-enum-shares, smb-vuln-ms08-067,…


Put2Win – Script To Automatize Shell Upload By PUT HTTP Method To Get Meterpreter

Script to automatize shell upload by PUT HTTP method to get meterpreter.DependenciesIt's necessary to have installed nmap and msfvenom tools for a correct operationInstallationgit clone -hThis script automatize shell upload by PUT HTTP method to get meterpreter.Usage: ./ -t TARGET [-p PORT] -u URL_PATH -l LHOSTExamples:./ -t -u /uploads -l -t -p 443 -u /uploads -l @devploitTwitter: Put2Win

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Nmap Bootstrap XSL – A Nmap XSL Implementation With Bootstrap

A Nmap XSL implementation with Bootstrap.How to useAdd the nmap-bootstrap.xsl as stylesheet to your Nmap scan. For example: nmap -sS -T4 -A -sC -oA scanme --stylesheet Open the scanme.xml with your Webbrowser. It should look like the scanme.html sample report. Alternatively you can transform the xml to html with xsltproc -o scanme.html nmap-bootstrap.xsl scanme.xml. You will need to download the nmap-bootstrap.xsl beforehand.Old scansYou can also format old scans with the xsl stylesheet. Insert <?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/xsl"?> after <!DOCTYPE nmaprun>.ScreenshotsDownload Nmap-Bootstrap-Xsl

htrace.shHTTP RequestsMozilla ObservatoryNEW TOOLSNmapNmap ScriptsNSERedirect URLsScanScriptsSecurity ToolsSSLSSLlabs ScanTesting ToolsTraceroute – Simple Shell Script To Debugging HTTP/HTTPS Traffic Tracing, Response Headers And Mixed-Content is a shell script that allows you to validate your domain configuration and catch any errors (e.g. redirect loops). It also displays basic information about the ssl configuration (if available), response headers, checks for mixed content and performs security scans using Nmap scripts and great external tools such as Ssllabs or Mozilla Observatory.FunctionsIt is useful for:checking properly domain configuration (web servers/reverse proxies) redirects analysis, e.g. to eliminate redirect loops checking response headers for each request checking basic ssl configuration validation of the certificates…

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Cangibrina v0.8.7 – A Fast And Powerfull Dashboard (Admin) Finder

Dashboard FinderCangibrina is a multi platform tool which aims to obtain the Dashboard of sites using brute-force over wordlist, google, nmap, and robots.txtRequirements:Python 2.7mechanizePySocksbeautifulsoup4html5libNmap (--nmap)TOR (--tor)Install:Linux git clone cd cangibrina pip install -r requirements.txtUsageusage: [-h] -u U [-w W] [-t T] [-v] [--ext EXT] [--user-agent] [--tor] [--search] [--dork DORK] [--nmap [NMAP]]Fast and powerful admin finderoptional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -u U target site -w W set wordlist (default: wl_medium) -t T set threads number (default: 5) -v…

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badKarma – Advanced Network Reconnaissance Toolkit

badKarma is a python3 GTK+ network infrastructure penetration testing toolkit.badKarma aim to help the tester in all the penetration testing phases (information gathering, vulnerability assessment,exploitation,post-exploitation and reporting). It allow the tester to save time by having point-and-click access to their toolkit and interacte with them through GUIs or Terminals, also every task is logged under a sqlite database in order to help during the reporting phase or in a incident response scenario.It is also available a proxychains switch that let everything go through proxies,…