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Black Window 10 v2

  Black Window Enterprise 10 Codename : Polemos Black Window 10 Enterprise is the first windows based penetration testing distribution with Linux integrated ! The system comes activated with a digital license for Windows enterprise! It supports windows apps and Linux apps, GUI and terminal apps! It comes with a tone off hacking tools plus all the tools that are included with the latest release of Cerberus Linux! It has managed to implement Cerberus os within windows. Offers the stability of a windows system…

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FTW – Framework For Testing WAFs

This project was created by researchers from ModSecurity and Fastly to help provide rigorous tests for WAF rules. It uses the OWASP Core Ruleset V3 as a baseline to test rules on a WAF. Each rule from the ruleset is loaded into a YAML file that issues HTTP requests that will trigger these rules. Users can verify the execution of the rule after the tests are issued to make sure the expected response is received from an attack.Goals / Use cases include:Find regressions in…

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AutoSploit v3.0 – Automated Mass Exploiter

As the name might suggest AutoSploit attempts to automate the exploitation of remote hosts. Targets can be collected automatically through Shodan, Censys or Zoomeye. But options to add your custom targets and host lists have been included as well. The available Metasploit modules have been selected to facilitate Remote Code Execution and to attempt to gain Reverse TCP Shells and/or Meterpreter sessions. Workspace, local host and local port for MSF facilitated back connections are configured by filling out the dialog that comes up before…

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PENTOL – Pentester Toolkit For Fiddler2

PENTOL - Pentester Toolkit is built as a plugin for the Fiddler HTTP debugging proxy.FeaturesCORS DETECTED Cross-Origin Resource SharingCRLF DETECTED HTTP response splittingHeaders DETECTED (X-Frame-Options)USAGEInstall Fiddler2Open Fiddler2Press Key CTRL + R or Rules > Customize Rules...Copy all script SampleRules.jsPress Key CTRL + S for SaveCheck tools in Rules TABCreditsThanks to allahEka Syahwan (Creator) bugrecon / H1 / bugcrowdEdo Maland (Powerstager) Wilder admin in : modifications, changes, or changes to this code can be accepted, however, every public release that uses this code must…

Infection MonkeyNEW TOOLSpenetration testingPentestSecurity AutomationSecurity Tools

Infection Monkey v1.6 – An Automated Pentest Tool

The Infection Monkey is an open source security tool for testing a data center's resiliency to perimeter breaches and internal server infection. The Monkey uses various methods to self-propagate across a data center and reports success to a centralized Monkey Island server.The Infection Monkey is comprised of two parts:Monkey - A tool which infects other machines and propagates to themMonkey Island - A dedicated server to control and visualize the Infection Monkey's progress inside the data centerTo read more about the Monkey, visit ;

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Dirhunt v0.6.0 – Find Web Directories Without Bruteforce

DEVELOPMENT BRANCH: The current branch is a development version. Go to the stable release by clicking on the master branch.Dirhunt is a web crawler optimize for search and analyze directories. This tool can find interesting things if the server has the "index of" mode enabled. Dirhunt is also useful if the directory listing is not enabled. It detects directories with false 404 errors, directories where an empty index file has been created to hide things and much more.$ dirhunt does not use brute…

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Hackertarget – Tools And Network Intelligence To Help Organizations With Attack Surface Discovery

Use open source tools and network intelligence to help organizations with attack surface discovery and identification of security vulnerabilities. Identification of an organizations vulnerabilities is an impossible task without tactical intelligence on the network footprint. By combining open source intelligence with the worlds best open source security scanning tools, we enable your attack surface discovery. With the ability for Internet assets to be deployed in seconds, the attack surface is more dynamic and ever growing. This very fact makes mapping your external network footprint…

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PatrOwl – Open Source, Free And Scalable Security Operations Orchestration Platform

PatrOwl is a scalable, free and open-source solution for orchestrating Security Operations.PatrowlManager is the Front-end application for managing the assets, reviewing risks on real-time, orchestrating the operations (scans, searches, API calls, ...), aggregating the results, relaying alerts on third parties (ex: Incident Response platform like TheHive, Splunk, ...) and providing the reports and dashboards. Operations are performed by the PatrowlEngines instances. Don't forget to install and deploy them ;)Project pitch deskArchitectureFully-Developed in Python, PatrOwl is composed of a Front-end application PatrowlManager (Django) communicating with…

IronPythonNEW TOOLSPost ExploitationPython3Red TeamsSecurity ToolsSILENTTRINITY

SILENTTRINITY – A Post-Exploitation Agent Powered By Python, IronPython, C#/.NET

A post-exploitation agent powered by Python, IronPython, C#/.NET.RequirementsServer requires Python >= 3.7SILENTTRINITY C# implant requires .NET >= 4.5How it worksNotes.NET runtime supportThe implant needs .NET 4.5 or greater due to the IronPython DLLs being compiled against .NET 4.0, also there is no ZipArchive .NET library prior to 4.5 which the implant relies upon to download the initial stage containing the IronPython DLLs and the main Python code.Reading the source for the IronPython Compiler it seems like we can get around the first issue by…

htrace.shHTTP RequestsMozilla ObservatoryNEW TOOLSNmapNmap ScriptsNSERedirect URLsScanScriptsSecurity ToolsSSLSSLlabs ScanTesting ToolsTraceroute – Simple Shell Script To Debugging HTTP/HTTPS Traffic Tracing, Response Headers And Mixed-Content is a shell script that allows you to validate your domain configuration and catch any errors (e.g. redirect loops). It also displays basic information about the ssl configuration (if available), response headers, checks for mixed content and performs security scans using Nmap scripts and great external tools such as Ssllabs or Mozilla Observatory.FunctionsIt is useful for:checking properly domain configuration (web servers/reverse proxies) redirects analysis, e.g. to eliminate redirect loops checking response headers for each request checking basic ssl configuration validation of the certificates…