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Ettercap – A Comprehensive Suite For Man In The Middle Attacks

Ettercap is a comprehensive suite for man in the middle attacks. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks. It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols and includes many features for network and host analysis.ETTERCAP OFFERS THREE INTERFACES, TRADITIONAL COMMAND LINE, GUI AND NCURSES.Supported DistributionsThese distributions have been tested in both 32 and 64 bit flavors where possibleDebian/Ubuntu (Includes derivatives such as Kali, BackTrack, Mint, etc)FedoraGentooPentooMac OSX (Snow Leopard & Lion)FreeBSDOpenBSDNetBSDUnsupported DistributionsInstallation may work…


EasySSH – The SSH Connection Manager To Make Your Life Easier

A complete, efficient and easy-to-use manager. Create and edit connections, groups, customize the terminal, with multiple instances of the same connection.Developing and BuildingIf you want to hack on and build EasySSH yourself, you'll need the following dependencies:libgee-0.8-devlibgtk-3-devlibgranite-devlibvte-2.91-devlibjson-glib-devlibunity-devmesonvalacRun meson build to configure the build environment and run ninja test to build and run automated testsmeson build --prefix=/usrcd buildninja testTo install, use ninja install, then execute with com.github.muriloventuroso.easysshsudo ninja installcom.github.muriloventuroso.easysshInstall with FlatpakInstall:flatpak install flathub com.github.muriloventuroso.easysshRun:flatpak run com.github.muriloventuroso.easysshDownload EasySSH


GitMiner v2.0 – Tool For Advanced Mining For Content On Github

Advanced search tool and automation in Github. This tool aims to facilitate research by code or code snippets on github through the site's search page.MOTIVATIONDemonstrates the fragility of trust in public repositories to store codes with sensitive information.REQUIREMENTSlxmlrequestsargparsejsonreINSTALLgit clone apt-get install python-requests python-lxml ORpip install -r requirements.txtDockergit clone GitMinerdocker build -t gitminer .docker run -it gitminer -hHELP UnkL4b __ Automatic search for Github((OO)) ▄████ ██▓▄▄▄█████▓ ███▄ ▄███▓ ██▓ ███▄ █ ▓█████ ██▀███ \__/ ██▒ ▀█▒▓██▒▓ ██▒ ▓▒▓██▒▀█▀ ██▒▓██▒ ██ ▀█ █ ▓█…


Ibombshell – Dynamic Remote Shell

ibombshell is a tool written in Powershell that allows you to have a prompt at any time with post-exploitation functionalities (and in some cases exploitation). It is a shell that is downloaded directly to memory providing access to a large number of pentesting features. These functionalities can be downloaded directly to memory, in the form of a Powershell function. This form of execution is known as everywhere.In addition, ibombshell provides a second execution mode called Silently, so the pentester can execute an instance of…

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Firecall – Automate SSH Communication With Firewalls, Switches, Etc.

Automate SSH communication with firewalls, switches, etc.DescriptionThese scripts are designed to automate sending commands to a Cisco ASA firewall. The intended purpose here is to eliminate the need to manually log in to a firewall to make changes. This code can be run directly via command line or it can be incorporated into other scripts. These scripts were created with automation/orchestration in mind - if done securely, these scripts could ingest security intelligence data to automatically block malicious IPs based on certain criteria.ConfigurationRun bash…

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Aker – SSH Bastion/Jump Host/Jumpserver

Aker is a security tool that helps you configure your own Linux ssh jump/bastion host. Named after an Egyptian mythology deity who guarded the borders, Aker would act as choke point through which all your sysadmins and support staff access Linux production servers. Aker SSH gateway includes a lot of security features that would help you manage and administer thousands of Linux servers at ease. For a detailed look check our WikiMotivationI couldn't find an open source tool similar to CryptoAuditor and fudo, such…

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JShielder – Automates The Process Of Installing All The Necessary Packages To Host A Web Application And Hardening A Linux Server

JSHielder is an Open Source tool developed to help SysAdmin and developers secure there Linux Servers in which they will be deploying any web application or services. This tool automates the process of installing all the necessary packages to host a web application and Hardening a Linux server with little interaction from the user. Newly added script follows CIS Benchmark Guidance to establish a Secure configuration posture for Linux systems.This tool is a Bash Script that hardens the Linux Server security automatically and the…

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Git-All-Secrets – A Tool To Capture All The Git Secrets By Leveraging Multiple Open Source Git Searching Tools

git-all-secrets is a tool that can:Clone multiple public/private github repositories of an organization and scan them,Clone multiplepublic/private github repositories of a user that belongs to an organization and scan them,Clone a single public/private repository of an organization and scan it,Clone a single public/private repository of a user and scan it,Clone a single public/secret gist of a user and scan itClone a team's repositories in an organization and scan them,All of the above together!! Oh yeah!! Simply provide an organization name and get all their…