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Panto NetReaper (NetHunter) Downloads

      How to install NetReaper NetReaper Plymouth Theme  (Gray  and Blue colors available!) NetReaper  (based on Panto 4.3) NetReaper Linux  (Nethunter) is a penetration testing and security assessment oriented Linux distribution focusing on wireless hacking and anonymity , providing a network and systems analysis toolkit. It includes some of the most commonly known/used security and analysis tools,it includes over 30 new wifi tools to automate wireless hacking ,it aims to crack wifi vulnerable networks in 2 seconds , aiming for a wide…

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Panto Linux Teaser!

Panto linux is the most advanced penetration testing distribution based on ubuntu focusing on anonymity and providing a hacker friendly enviroment with the best tools available on the market! A fast lightweight linux environment based on linux mint with a set of drivers,scripts,tools ,patched wireless backports and it offers a custom repository full with new tools ,updates and much more ! Panto linux is based on ubuntu trusty LTS, it offers custom kernel patched with grsecurity (only the full version)and patched wireless backports to…

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Black Dragon Linux

    Black Dragon Linux Base:  trusty tahr Desktop : XFCE Kernel 3.13 Custom new scripts !! Compatibility to build packages from source with one clik from any debian repository!! Added Dark mint repository Added Compiz with Emerald Chrome configured with Tor and match more... Username : root Password : zeus   The Black Dragon Linux is free!