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  1. I just brought your distro after loving the free ones but when I click download link from email or your site I get Whoops, there was a problem loading up this file for your download. Please contact us for help.


    1. Bro i will send you your link to you email…thank you for your support!!

      1. A beautifull distro really impressed. Showed my MD at work it blew him away. We are finalising on what SW to put into our distro. I put your name up for the bits I cant do such as debranding mint 17.1and adding kde 5 instead of 4, auto updates that sort of thing. closer to the date I wii upload an ISO and if you can give me a price I will fight your corner in the omious meeting with the squares.

        One thing I have to ask regarding the distro. I cant get armatage to work or metasploit gui. What am I doing wrong. And yes I am a complete novice.

        Thanks again


  2. please help whats the password and whats the command to get it to desktop where tools are for black dragon linux
    please help

  3. Download link broken for purchased order

    1. Hello sorry for that i will send you your link private to this email!! thank you for the support!!

    2. Is this your email?

  4. hi buddy how are you doing? i hope you’re ok, this is michael, from this website (blackhat sec) and about almost 2 or 3 weeks ago, i have download some linux distribution iso, and by mistake i deleted the iso file
    from my storage , well i tried to download it again but i completely forgat the exact name of the destro” and of the iso file , i think it was something like (dark*** or blackhat sec 2 ** i really need that one it was ubuntu based disro’ , it has like green splash screen with these numbers filling the screen while you input your password startup) ,, please help me ,

    thank you sir

    1. It was BHS os or Dark Mint Linux,both distributions are here Dark Mint: and here is BHS os:
      cheers bro!!

      1. thank you bro so much , i will try them both 🙂

  5. did you check your email? the email you made the donation?

  6. whats the best way to flash the images and need some help having netreaper reconize my wlan card

  7. alos i love your guys work!!!! keep it up

  8. I meant to donate for version 3 but mistakenly donated for just Cerberus. Is there a way I can fix this without having to donate again? Also, the contact form on the website is broken.

    1. we have already send you the old link now 🙁

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