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Black Window 10 v2

  Black Window Enterprise 10 Codename : Polemos Black Window 10 Enterprise is the first windows based penetration testing distribution with Linux integrated ! The system comes activated with a digital license for Windows enterprise! It supports windows apps and Linux apps, GUI and terminal apps! It comes with a tone off hacking tools plus all the tools that are included with the latest release of Cerberus Linux! It has managed to implement Cerberus os within windows. Offers the stability of a windows system…

CRSDistributedMacModSecurityNEW TOOLSOWASP ModSecurity

CRS – OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set

The OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS) is a set of generic attack detection rules for use with ModSecurity or compatible web application firewalls. The CRS aims to protect web applications from a wide range of attacks, including the OWASP Top Ten, with a minimum of false alerts.The Core Rule Set provides protection against many common attack categories, including:SQL Injection (SQLi)Cross Site Scripting (XSS)Local File Inclusion (LFI)Remote File Inclusion (RFI)Remote Code Execution (RCE)PHP Code InjectionHTTP Protocol Violations    HTTPoxyShellshockSession FixationScanner DetectionMetadata/Error LeakagesProject Honey Pot…

CapstoneDisassemblerFuzzerGREPHiddenNEW TOOLSProcessor FuzzerSandsifterScanSpacex86

Sandsifter – The X86 Processor Fuzzer

The sandsifter audits x86 processors for hidden instructions and hardware bugs, by systematically generating machine code to search through a processor's instruction set, and monitoring execution for anomalies. Sandsifter has uncovered secret processor instructions from every major vendor; ubiquitous software bugs in disassemblers, assemblers, and emulators; flaws in enterprise hypervisors; and both benign and security-critical hardware bugs in x86 chips.With the multitude of x86 processors in existence, the goal of the tool is to enable users to check their own systems for hidden instructions…

AWSAWS IAMCloudSploit ScansEC2MisconfigurationNEW TOOLSNodeJSScanScriptsSecurity Audit

CloudSploit Scans – AWS Security Scanning Checks

CloudSploit scans is an open-source project designed to allow detection of security risks in an AWS account. These scripts are designed to run against an AWS account and return a series of potential misconfigurations and security risks.InstallationEnsure that NodeJS is installed. If not, install it from here.git clone installSetupTo begin using the scanner, edit the index.js file with your AWS key, secret, and optionally (for temporary credentials), a session token. You can also set a file containing credentials. To determine the permissions associated…

Automate SSHCommand LineFirecallNEW TOOLSSSH

Firecall – Automate SSH Communication With Firewalls, Switches, Etc.

Automate SSH communication with firewalls, switches, etc.DescriptionThese scripts are designed to automate sending commands to a Cisco ASA firewall. The intended purpose here is to eliminate the need to manually log in to a firewall to make changes. This code can be run directly via command line or it can be incorporated into other scripts. These scripts were created with automation/orchestration in mind - if done securely, these scripts could ingest security intelligence data to automatically block malicious IPs based on certain criteria.ConfigurationRun bash…

GalileoNEW TOOLSpenetration testingWeb ApplicationWordlist

Galileo – Web Application Audit Framework

Galileo is an open source penetration testing tool for web application, which helps developers and penetration testers identify and exploit vulnerabilities in their web applications.Installation$ git clone galileo$ cd galileoInstall requirements$ pip install -r requirements.txtor$ apt-get install python-pysocksFor windows$ python -m pip install pysocksRun$ python galileo.pyUsageSet global options:galileo #> set Set A Context-Specific Variable To A Value ------------------------------------------ - Usage: set <option> <value> - Usage: set COOKIE phpsess=hacker_test Name Current Value Required Description ---------- ------------- -------- ----------- PAUTH no Proxy auth credentials (user:pass)…


glibc LD_AUDIT Arbitrary DSO Load Privilege Escalation

This Metasploit module attempts to gain root privileges on Linux systems by abusing a vulnerability in the GNU C Library (glibc) dynamic linker. glibc in versions before 2.11.3, and 2.12.x before 2.12.2 does not properly restrict use of the LD_AUDIT environment variable when loading setuid executables. This allows loading arbitrary shared objects from the trusted library search path with the privileges of the suid user. This Metasploit module uses LD_AUDIT to load the shared object, distributed with some versions of glibc, and…