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Black Window 10 v2

  Black Window Enterprise 10 Codename : Polemos Black Window 10 Enterprise is the first windows based penetration testing distribution with Linux integrated ! The system comes activated with a digital license for Windows enterprise! It supports windows apps and Linux apps, GUI and terminal apps! It comes with a tone off hacking tools plus all the tools that are included with the latest release of Cerberus Linux! It has managed to implement Cerberus os within windows. Offers the stability of a windows system…

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Data breach announced by Huddle House.

US-based casual dining and fast food restaurant chain Huddle House announced late Friday last week a security breach that impacted its point of sale (POS) system. “Criminals compromised a third-party point of sale (POS) vendor’s data system and utilized the vendor’s assistance tools to gain remote access-and the ability to deploy malware-to some Huddle House corporate and franchisee POS systems,” Huddle House said in a security alert listed on its front page. Source: ZDNet The post Data breach announced by Huddle House. appeared first…

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Marriott sued hours after announcing data breach

Hours after announcing a data breach on Friday, two Oregon men sued international hotel chain Marriott for exposing their data. Their lawsuit was followed hours later by another one filed in the state of Maryland. Both lawsuits are seeking class-action status. While plaintiffs in the Maryland lawsuit didn’t specify the amount of damages they were seeking from Marriott, the plaintiffs in the Oregon lawsuit want $12.5 billion in costs and losses. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: ZDNet The post Marriott sued hours after announcing…

Have I been pwnedIPTVJSONMacNEW TOOLSNode.jspwned

pwned – A command-line tool for querying the ‘Have I been pwned?’ service

A command-line tool for querying Troy Hunt's Have I been pwned? service using the hibp Node.js module.Installationnpm install pwned -gUsageUsage: pwned [option | command]Commands: ba [options] <account> get all breaches for an account (username or email address) breaches [options] get all breaches in the system breach [options] <name> get a single breached site by breach name dc [options] get all data classes in the system pa [options] <email> get all pastes for an account (email address)Each command has its own -h (--help) option.Options: -h,…

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RiskIQ implicates Magecart in breach of British Airways

RiskIQ, the global leader in digital risk management, today revealed that its researchers traced the breach of 380,000 sets of payment information belonging to customers of British Airways to Magecart, the credit-card skimming group made infamous for its July breach of Ticketmaster. Because the attack was reported by British Airways to be web-based and targeting credit card data, RiskIQ researchers strongly suspected Magecart was behind it. Leveraging the company’s global web-crawling network, which maintains a map of the internet and enables security practitioners to…

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Suffer a data breach; lose up to one third of your customers

Findings from RSA’s recent survey in the UK showed that 28% of customers have elected to boycott companies that have been shown to mishandle personal data. “South African businesses should be prepared for similar consumer trends in the near future,” believes Anton Jacobsz, MD of Networks Unlimited Africa, which delivers the full range of RSA solutions to the local market. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: IT Online The post Suffer a data breach; lose up to one third of your customers appeared first on…

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Major data breach at cryptocurrency investment platform Atlas Quantum

There has been another case of major data breach, as the Brazilian crypto trading platform Atlas Quantumrevealed on Sunday that they suffered a major data theft that led to the exposure of personal details of roughly 261,000 customers. This was made public in the company’s official Facebook page. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: BC Focus The post Major data breach at cryptocurrency investment platform Atlas Quantum appeared first on IT SECURITY GURU.

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Dixon Carphone breach reinforces that breach detection doesn’t translate to protection, warns BOHH Labs

Fragile retailers must take control of their own cyber security measures or risk further damaging consumer confidence Earlier this week Dixons Carphone reported that a huge data breach, which took place last year, involved 10 million customers, up from its original estimate of 1.2 million. According to Simon Bain, CEO of BOHH Labs, with consumer confidence towards the high-street already fragile, retailers simply can’t afford to demonstrate lax attitudes in cyber security, notably towards threat detection methods. Earlier this year the Centre for Retail…

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Insurers Sue Trustwave for $30M Over ’08 Heartland Data Breach

Lawsuit filed by Lexington Insurance and Beazley Insurance is in response to a Trustwave legal filing that called their claims meritless. It’s been a decade since the massive Heartland Payment Systems data breach, but the legal fallout continues: Two insurers have filed a lawsuit demanding $30 million in restitution from the security vendor that certified the company as PCI DSS-compliant prior to the attack. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Dark Reading The post Insurers Sue Trustwave for $30M Over ’08 Heartland Data Breach appeared…